Spheres of Influence

Organized Labor

Assets that are a part of organized labor provide influence through unions. I.E. A high ranking member of the PBA provides influence over police actions (Politics 3)

High Society

High Society assets can make or break a club, pull an artist out of a subculture or create a new opportunity through their contacts and reach. I.E. An old money family buys a building that holds a biker bar on its ground level. (Resources 4)


Crime can be anyone from a international hitman to a low level thug. It all depends on the type of asset they are. I.E. The Czar is in New York for just one night, and his target is none other than the head of NYC housing authority. (Firearms 5)


Finance is wall street investors, hedge fund giants or business reporters. They influence the markets, and the business traded on them. I.E. The IPO for Chimera Inc is coming up, and Derek Z. needs to ensure their success. Otherwise the guy in the subway will come visit him again. (Computers 3)

Street Culture

It seems like every decade is different. From small shops in SOHO hush puppies rose in popularity and fall again once the zeitgeist ended. Taste makers can change the way we act, what is acceptable and what is popular. I.E. Angel held the book in his hand. It was trash. Vegetarian vampire romance fiction. But he needed to sell it, or the real thing would leave him in a ditch. (Persuasion 4)


Spheres of Influence

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