Rat-King's Notes

Change everything you are
And everything you were
Your number has been called
Fights and battles have begun
Revenge will surely come
Your hard times are ahead

The Philadelphian Plot


The conspiracy that was at work within our city last year and ultimately that led to a Masquerade breach, the branding of covenant, the deaths of two mortals, and the effective exile of two Kindred have their roots in events over two decades ago.

  • The Ordo Dracul in Philadelphia bear a grudge against the Turk. The source of this grudge is only know to the highest levels of the Dragons. None has stepped forward to comment as to the cause.
    • It’s possible that the Turk was targeted by them during the infamous Incident of ’88.
    • It’s equally possible that the grudge has its roots in the apparent purge of many Dragons with ties to Philadelphia in the years hence. The Turk certianly had some hand in this.
  • Recently a Mekhet by the name of Jerry became disillusioned with his prospects for advancement within the Ordo Dracul. When visiting Philly he was contacted by the local Dragons and provided some measure of the truth.
  • Jerry then enacted a plan designed to bring down the Turk and enable his own advancement. Working with a Ventrue named Gregor, he controlled a mortal computer hacker, Gary Singh, tasking him with uncovering kine of influence with which to grow his empire. Some of these people were undoubtably targets as well, servants of those Jerry considered enemies, including the Turk.
  • At the same time he conspired with a vampire hunter known as the Professional. This former ghoul had his own grudge against the city’s Dragons as a survivor of the Turk’s purges. He had also tangled with the Union Busters. He had a hit list in mind with the Turk on top.
  • Jerry fed information to the Professional from his hacker. The Professional began move in large amounts of weapons into the city to conduct an attack on his targets.
  • But things went wrong. Gary became erratic and had to be killed. The Professional continued to act without him. Jerry and his friend Gregor fled the city for Philly.
  • With the plot in disarray the net closed in on the Professional. The Rat-King mapped Jerry’s past movements and uncovered the Professional’s contact information. Combined with surviellance footage and other easily obtained facts the conspiracy became apparent.
  • With a meet set up with the Professional, the Union Busters set a trap. The Turk then decided to deal with things directly and unfortunately quite visibly.
    The rest is fairly clear to anyone who has paid any attention in the past month. The Turk broke the Masquerade and nearly suffered Final Death. Only the sacrifices of his covenant let him escape a long torpor or worse.

~Rat-King’s outline for the next issue of Steak in My Heart

Rat-King's Notes

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