Lancea Sanctum

The Lancea Sanctum counts a large % of kindred in the city among their congregation, but they are less in number than they used to be. In addition, several factions within the Covenant compete for their hearts and minds. (Notable Kindred and additional details will come shortly.) Most who attend the masses of the Lancea Sanctum do not count themselves as being amongst the order, and many of them are unaligned.

Dieter Minuit publicly attended mass, and he would often point new vampires toward the faith. He would tell them that it would help their adjustment. When Alexander Durant took power, he did not publicly move against the Lancea Sanctum. He simply never attended mass unless it was obviously in his interest. Many of the less faithful in congregation stopped feeling the social pressure to attend.

The Monachal Creed, the greatest and most influential Creed, centered strongly around the interpretations of the Monachus and Catholicism

The Tollison Creed, a version that centers around Pentecostalism, known for a focus on personal revelation and “angelic” visits, currently only active in the United States

The Westminster Creed, a version centered around the Anglican Church, seeking to keep overritualized formalia outside the congregation

The Dammitic Creed, a version more in tune with Judaism, which abandons any references to the nature of Jesus to indicate that Longinus was cursed solely because of his own sinful nature.

The Exotheists, a secularized attempt to interpret the Testament not as religious revelation, but as a philosophical treatise over the nature of vampirism, often forming their own rites apart from the Apostolicae.

Lancea Sanctum

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