Condtions (house ruled)


Assets being used for non-asset skills (Larceny for Academics or Science for Crafts, unless there is good reason for the overlap, will receive the Vulnerable condition. The target for stealing this asset from you are at a -2, they cannot be protected and failure puts their status in danger


A character with a rumor condition has something said about them that is considered truth by the larger community. Characters and known allies experience a modifier of 2 to rolls involving this information.

I.E. The Ordo Dracul successfully recruited Lenore. She has been a secret member for years, and she has been manipulating the Invictus/Carthians to the Order’s interests.

Lenore receives a -2 to disprove this. Lenore receives a +2 if she uses it to mask something else she’s doing. Gore receives a +2 to spread rumor built on the previous that she let some heinous experiment out into the world.

Possible Sources: Rumors Roll
Resolution: Proving the rumor false or refuting the rumor, or proving the rumor is true on purpose.
Beat: Proving the rumor false, and rumors related to it false Or owning it and proving its true.


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