With no covenant in control, the Revolution should be mobilizing to impose their ideas on the city. Instead they spend their nights debating what they’ll do once they are in charge. No one leads the covenant as a whole and so it remains divided into feuding camps.

A large knot has formed around Gore, respecting his physical might and savagery. His more enthusiastic followers advocate rule by the strongest: a vampiric anarchy where every Kindred runs their own self sufficient fiefdom.

The major counter point to this are the Equalists: a loose group that seeks to enforce equality between the Kindred of the city regardless of clan, bloodline, age, or mortal ties. Some advocate inviting other supernaturals to participate in Kindred government, awarding leadership positions by yearly lottery, and giving other covenants a vote in an assembly. They generally favor democracy (“one Kindred one vote!”) and the idea of expanding the definition of Kindred. They even include a few Revenants and Ghouls as members,

The remaining Carthians espouse a range of beliefs from old school Communism (“Equal blood for all. Kindred of the City unite!”), forming a literal blood bank, assigning positions based on standardized testing (All Hounds must possess rudimentary skill in Auspex), and less radical notions.

Recently some signs of organization have become as Gore and the Rat-King work together to change the city.


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