Steak in My Heart

A vampire zine and part of the Cacophony, spreading rumors and news about the Night Society.

Notable contributers:

  • W.F.G.

Notable articles and issues:

  • (W.F.G. in 2010-11 spread over 20 issues) A series of entries about the Dragons ranging from snippets to large articles. W.F.G. confides that the Dragon leadership is controlled by the Turk, and that he eliminated the previous leadership in the most violent of fashions. They belonged to a faction called the Philadelphians. The series concluded suddenly.
  • (Early December 2014) Numerous snippets about Gary Singh’s death:
    • The Turk had Gary murdered, and he framed his friends to protect an Ordo secret.
    • The Rat King did it to destabilize those who know him best to protect his identity.
    • Gore did it or Gore’s men did it, because murder is a part of who they are.
    • Blake himself did it. He wanted press for Romulus, and he needed to make an example of someone.
  • (End of January 2015) An article describing the Prince grave disappointment that not one member of the Ordo Dracul frenzied. He points out that they had every right to. He also regrets not branding the Turk’s face.

Steak in My Heart

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