The Rat-King

A riddle wrapped in an enigma cloaked in a mystery


Rumors are swirling. The Rat-King revealed herself at a Carthian gathering. Beneath the disguises and magic, she had blond hair and a warped, broken face. She stares through people with her eyes, white blind things.

Most suspect she is a Mehket or Nosferatu of some stripe. A few point to her use of rodent spies as evidence of Gangrel or more likely Ventrue ties.

Confusing things futher is her use of obfuscate to appear as other would expect to see her. Or as she jests “to be all things to all people.”



What is definitely known about the Rat-King is that she is a heavily networked member of the Carthians with strong ties to the Invictus. She communicates through messages, cut-outs, trusted ghouls and neonates who somehow don’t know her face, and perhaps Obfuscate created disguises. The Rat King is the most common of many sobriquets she accepts. That may change soon.

She’s fond of doing favors for new vampires which makes her very popular with the neonates. That makes her useful to both the Revolution and the First Estate.

Her name first popped up a little over 20 years ago but from the beginning she seemed very familiar with the city and local Kindred. It is presumed she’s been around longer, perhaps under another name.

She has a claim on the city’s underground: sewers, subways, utility tunnels, and lost chambers of all sorts. And she’s working on expanding. A few years ago, she publicly claimed a subway station as her feeding grounds. Those who steal from it suffer agonizing pain later and are marked with black marks around their mouths.

Her predilection for using cryptic messages to communicate and her avowed support for the Masquerade means she is a regular contributor to the Cacophony.


It is known that she owes a favor to “the Turk” for assisting a neonate in joining the Ordo Dracul. The neonate, Travers Mattia, lacked any official sponsorship in the city, being something of an accidental embrace and an illiterate Gangrel to boot.


  • Rumor: The Rat King is an elder who feeds off the neonates he helps.
    • “Gary Singh was murdered by a kindred. That kindred went to the Rat King for help, and that is why he was in his territory. The kindred? Dead, dust, eliminated. That is fine, but the the truth is the Rat King ate him.” – some Kindred

The Rat-King

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