The Minuit Dynasty

The Minuit Dynasty has been here since the early days of the settlement. The Dynasty has always held some level of power in the city. The Minuit Three, as they are called, claim to have arrived in New York in 1639. Kindred scholars dispute this as the population was a mere 230 people, but there are no others to dispute or verify this. Records from deceased kindred who arrived with an early wave of Sephardic Jewish Refugees from Brazil remain inconclusive.

Despite the immortality of vampires, few survived the chaos of the revolution who could attest to the truth of the age of the Dynasty. They have at least been here for that long. Dieter Minuit was the last Prince of the New York, but the Dynasty held power from 1743 – 1858, 1890-1995

Dieter was killed in 1995 by Annabel a Gangrel Invictus/Lancea Sanctum member who had been feuding with the Prince for close to fifty years. At the time, Gertrude Minuit had just awakened from her torpor and Guntram had just entered torpor.

Gertrude and her ilk have spent the last 10 years steadily gaining power, but she still isn’t considered a threat to the Prince.

Each member of the Minuit Three played a role. Dieter was the protector, Gertrude is the charmer and Guntram is the savant. Despite their differing abilities and personalities, Minuit rule was consistent and traditional. In the past, their Dynasty strengthened the Invictus, Lancea Sanctum and Ordo Dracul. They suppressed the Carthian Movement and the Circle of Crone. They provided safety and stability during the difficult periods of the revolutionary and Civil War, even when they are not in power. The family is largely seen as being left behind by the modern age.

If the Minuit Dynasty has a special hatred for the prince, it is a well kept secret. No member of the family comments on him personally in public. Gertrude stands firmly with the Prince when it benefits the Dynasty and against him when it benefits the Dynasty.

Members of House Dieter in good standing

  • Dieter Minuit (Deceased)
  • Gertrude Minuit
  • Guntram Minuit (In Torpor)
  • Gloria Minuit (Childe of Dieter, in Torpor)
  • Warren Minuit (Childe of Gertrude, in Torpor)
  • Moses Minuit (Childe of Dieter)
  • Gregor Minuit (Childe of Moses)
  • X Minuit (Childe of Guntram)


The Minuit Dynasty

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