Tag: Unaligned


  • The Broken Wagon

    A dive bar that is an Elysium for the Unaligned and neonates. Unlike the Midnight Club, all kindred are welcome. It is uncommon for those who can attend the Midnight Club to attend then the Broken Wagon. The Keeper of Elysium, Wild Wendy, makes the rules. …

  • Lucius Aemilius

    Lucius has claimed residence on Rikers Island for as long as any within the city can recount. He claims no allegiance to any covenant or governing body, even though his domain rests legitimately within the Prince's authority. As far as the general …

  • Claudette

    She was embraced during the Minuit Reign. She was almost destroyed. She did not know who her sire was. The Rat King helped her escape that fate. Although she already paid back the "favor", she is still partial to him.

  • Kareem

    Kareem is an Unaligned Kindred that hails from Syria. He was a martial artist, famous in his home country for his power and speed. He was embraced shortly after arriving in New York by a vampire who helped him get out once the Civil War started.

  • Milk

    Once a high society call girl, Milk or Mistress Milk, is now the owner of an escort business which is doing exceedingly well. She hasn't been very active in the Kindred community, although she has been known to appear at the Broken Wagon from time to time …

  • Shino

    Shino was a college student in Manhattan when her life came to an abrupt end. The blade entered her quickly, and she was left on the side of the platform to bleed out alone. Luckily she had a suitor, and one that was never far away. Her sire, Mathias, is …

  • Mary Collins

    A neonate of dubious lineage, Clara keeps to the fringes of clan politics and entirely outside normal covenant channels.

  • Jane Brunner

    Not technically dead, legally at least, Janet has been finding it hard to pay the bills. Thanks to some help from the [[:the-rat-king | The Rat-King]] she's managed to secure a job. Now she just needs an "unlife".