"The Turk"

Grand Dragon of the Ordo Dracul in the New York


Not a large man in stature, but one who seems to simply exude strength and power, his gaze is that of a predator, looking for weakness or perhaps just where his next meal may be coming from. Embraced fairly later in life he is obviously of Middle Eastern descent and is most often carrying a Kilij hung at his belt. (think saber, just don’t call it that)


After his somewhat notable arrival to New York in 88 which put considerable strain on the masquerade, little was heard from the Turk for a few years. The influence of the Ordo Dracul did wane in those days though, nearly dropping the covenant’s influence off the map of Kindred society within the city. In the mid 90’s they re-emerged with the Turk as the primary face to higher kindred society at large. An odd choice given his cold demeanor and baleful gaze directed toward most, even in the most polite of company. Those who know what happened in 88 tend to be wary of making any remarks about it though.

Speculation regarding what happened on that night has varied wildly. What is known though is that a sizable container ship ran aground in Breezy Point. Officials closed off Marine Parkway Bridge almost immediately afterward, shutting down access to the town for two days. The official statement released the following week indicated that there were equipment failures which caused the ship to not be able to maintain a proper heading causing it to become marooned. Any parties interested in the matter though have been unable to find anyone, Kindred or Kine, that was on that ship that evening to be able to give a first hand account of what happened. Speculations have been known to include; The Turk was bringing something or someone over with him from Europe, it got lose, the town was quarantined to ensure that any witnesses were taken care of and the test subject reacquired; The Turk had been in torpor for the ride across the ocean, someone woke him up and he lost himself to the beast killing everyone on board, it was two nights before the killing in Breezy Point stopped; The conflict occurred out in the middle of the Atlantic, with The Turk being the only survivor on board, the ships computer was able to navigate it toward shore but The Turk wasn’t able to navigate the ship through the channel way, after coming ashore officials found weapons and believed this was a possible terrorist attack and locked down the town to try and find suspects.

When dealing with his fellow Kindred the Turk always places the needs of the Covenant first and foremost which means that he is typically looking to secure the safety of the research that the Ordo Dracul is conducting in the city, which has been rumored to involve everything from the production of artificial Vitae to the resurrection of Dracula himself. Personally though he has shown an interest in overseeing some of New York’s harbors … perhaps to prevent another occurrence of what happened in 88 …

Public Favor:
Approximately two years ago “The Turk” had held a slightly larger domain which extended to the Southwest including Coffey Park and the surrounding few city blocks. While exact details leading up to the incident are not public knowledge, as this was more of a personal matter The Turk did not call upon the Sworn of the Axe within the Ordo Dracul for assistance but rather enlisted the help of “Gore” Cantwell to defend his claim on the territory. As the story goes they felled three of the beasts prior to being forced in to giving up their claim on the park and retreating further in to The Turks domain rather than facing final death themselves.

"The Turk"

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