Saint Polaris

The Saint of Pain

A child vampire who has the poise of an elder. She is ancient and terrifying to behold. Her hair is a powder white, and her eyes are all black. She has an alien grace to her, and at times it seems like she is a million miles away.

Few who do not regularly attend Lancea Sanctum Masses have laid eyes on her, but she did appear at a single poorly attended Elysium in 2009. Alexander Durant invited her on a whim, and she showed up.

The two engaged in a long conversation, and it is said the Prince was quite taken with the young girl before she left for the evening.

The creature known as St. Polaris often speaks of the first canon. She proselytizes to those who are able to gain an audience, that the purpose of damnation is to drive people away from carnal urges and toward a spiritual life. That the Kindred are monsters, damned individually for something they have done, and they can become closer to god by fulfilling their role as predator. She also preaches that the Strix exist to remind the Kindred of their role.

Saint Polaris

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