A scholar & philospher


A thin, well dress woman of modern style with coffee colored skin and piercing eyes. She lacks the age and experience of the others, but she possesses great poise.


Lenore is the youngest Kindred counted among the Primogen, but she is wise beyond her years. She was embraced in the late 70’s by a mysterious Kindred known only as the Gravedigger. The Mekhet chose her as his proxy, but she has proven adept at the position herself.

She was a college professor, looking for work when she met him after her Father’s funeral. He consoled her, and over the years she was his trusted friend. He embraced her only after another vampire fed from her and left her for dead.

She is fascinated by the mysteries of social interaction and kindred politics. She has written papers on it that have been published in Invictus journals, and she has developed a wide reputation for her understanding of the kindred condition. The Ordo Dracul has tried to recruit her numerous times.

Lenore is a scholar first, and a political animal second. It is one of the reasons she ended up the Primogen for her clan. Her judgement is sound.

Political Positions

For years she has researched the implications of evolving mortal society and the presence of technology. She believes it will soon be impossible for “supernatural creatures” to remain hidden. She is a proponent of a single supernatural government, and the preparation by kindred society for the fall of the masquerade. She published several case studies of Masquerade violations that support her assertion, and a political tract on the potential formation of said government locally. The treatise title in Latin roughly translates to “The Future of Shadow People”

Her work has started a movement within the Carthians to develop support for the idea of a unified government of the “other”. She does not actively spearhead the movement, but she does speak on the topic at their meetings on occasion.

She has also argued that since the Prince is unaligned, the Covenants must do a better job of recruiting into their ranks. The kindred can no longer afford to look at being unaligned as a brand of shame. Still, most of her actual political maneuvering, is in being a good representative for her clan mates. She is responsive to their problems. Fair in the handling of disputes and she is firm when she must dole out a punishment.


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