Kiernnan McManus

The vampire in blue


Kiernnan hails from a long lineage of NYPD officers and has maintained those ties in to his unlife. He has particularly strong ties in both Brooklyn’s 77th and 73rd precincts, and is known to have ties with Captain Giordano, Commanding Officer of NYPD Transit District 33.

His territory also borders on the Gordon “Gore” Cantwell‘s and some wonder when the Carthian’s rough pack will clash with the vampire in blue.

He is the Gangrel Primogen. Gore has more respect from within the clan, but when it came time to elect a primogen even his allies chose Kiernnan. Gore didn’t campaign hard for it in the first place, and most of the Gangrel thinks it was his idea. Kiernan still considers it his victory.

Kiernnan McManus

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