John King

A violent thug turned holy man


John King is a Nosferatu. His violence and zeal is so palpable that mortals generally avoid his eyes, and the children burst out crying when he is near. He is a man of god and violence. A true adherent to the dark father. He favors slacks, button downs and suspenders. An old style, but with all modern brands/cuts. He is loud, rash and impolite. He is also cunning, smart and exceedingly dangerous.

John King is both a Priest in the Lancea Sanctum and a leader in the movement for equal treatment of Kindred under the law. He is allied with Samuel Radin, but more prone to using violent language. He is Samuel Radin’s Malcolm X.

He holds vote on specific issues, but he also makes his own position known. He does not require his people to come to mass, and he does not preach during general business. The Dark Father does play a role in nearly all his decision making, even if he doesn’t actively flaunt it.


John King was an Irish immigrant who arrived with the first wave. He moved to Chicago following the rail way companies, and he worked for Pullman Palace Railway Company. He was killed, officially, during the Pullman Strike in 1894.

He reemerged in New York in the early 1920’s, a Carthian and a follower of the dark Father. He has been involved in Labor since the beginning, and maintains connections to it to this day. Many of his assets are involved with the labor unions, including the Teamsters and Local 3. He has collected political power by helping vampires build custom havens, with truly secret plans. Sometimes he takes a tongue and sometimes a life. Workplace accidents are blamed. No Haven has been found based off information from him or his men. He was also an early ally of the Prince.

John King rose to power, because he was willing to challenge the Authoritarian and Feudal structure implemented by the previous Nosferatu Primogen. He consolidated power behind him by helping his clan mates, and then he challenged the former Primogen to a duel before the old Prince. He slew the other man, and he took his place. He calls his meetings with the clan, membership meetings.

John King

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