Gordon "Gore" Cantwell

Gruff Gangrel Carthian Biker Gang Leader


A gruff man, Gore is very rarely seen without his long great coat. A little threadbare in places and with obvious knife cuts and bullet holes sewn up, it tells his tale without needing to speak a word: he’s been there, seen that, and survived. He’s very matter of fact and speaks with a a very null accent, leaving little info of where he comes from or when he comes from. He keeps his hair dark hair neat, parted down the middle and with a neatly kept, bushy mustache.


Gordon “Gore” Cantwell is a rebel with a cause, that of his people. The Gangrel Carthian is the leader of a kindred biker gang called “The Bloody Fangs” known for being brutal, but not wantonly violent. He’s a relatively young vampire, only about a hundred years old, having been sired during the Great War. He spent the first 50 years or so of his undead life traveling the world, but has resided in the Northeast for the past 50. His gruff exterior often leads to others underestimating his abilities, not that he cares. Amicable with those he maintains good relations with, he’s also known for quashing those who decide to cross him.

Gordon "Gore" Cantwell

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