Dieter Minuit

The slain Prince


Dieter Minuit was a war time leader. He was skilled in the art of shadow warfare and the protection of his domain. He was less skilled at reading the currents of emotions of the court, or in the inspiration of love. That led to some major failures on his part, and he developed the unfortunate reputation for being the weakest link in the Dynastic chain.

His end began during the sixties when he was forced to deal with a conflict on a new level. The city experienced large scale upheaval due the cultural change and the draft. Masquerade violations by newly embraced kindred were sudden and common. Despite being “fair” by kindred standards, his punishments were often archaic. It was horrifying for neonates to witness a vampire punished for violating the masquerade under the influence of LSD to be pressed to death by stones. In addition, his last cycle of rule was characterized by a nearly xenophobic ban on interactions with other supernatural creatures. The few instances of conflict with mages, werewolves and other supernatural creatures were inflamed by his handling of the situation.

Despite this, the city under his rule was safe. The rules to the game were clear, and the kindred of the city knew where they stood. They might not like it, but at least Dieter was not fickle. He also was also not a proud man. His harsh punishments and strict rules slowly alienated a number of kindred, but there was not a great deal of personal hatred for the warrior.

The conflict with Annabel started in 1945. The war ended. The Gangrel became enamored with a young, somewhat famous G.I. who had returned home.

Dieter Minuit

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