Bristol Walker

Tabloid journalist and investigator of the supernatural


A 20-something African American woman with an athletic build, a scathing tongue and surprisingly steady hands.


Bristolwas the youngest daughter of a NYPD beat cop, Vince Walker. He taught her to defend herself and gave a sense of justice and stubbornness. Sadly her father passed away several years ago of heart failure. His old comrades on the force still sometimes throw stories her way though.

One of those stories (which won her a solid job at a local rag) ensnared her in the The Rat-King‘s schemes. Now she spends her evenings hunting down stories about the supernatural and interacting with things not entirely human. She’s learned quite a bit about vampires and someone keeps slipping ,messages under her door leading to ever promising leads. She’s sometimes allowed to publish the stories, at least those too crazy to be true.

Bristol Walker

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