Bishop Lau

The Revered Ancestor


Bishop Lau looks like a kindly Vietnamese grandfather. His face is heavily wrinkled, and his dark eyes have a spark to them.


Bishop Lau arrived in the late 1970’s. He was secreted out of Vietnam among the Vietnamese refugees, and he was helped along by his mortal family. He, and his family, quickly established himself as a elder within the Vietnamese community. He then extended his reach into the other Asian communities in NYC.

Bishop Lau has been credited with smoothing over conflict between the Kindred and other supernatural beings. In one notable example, he talked a large number of neonates of Asian heritage from avenging the murder of an Ancient Chinese Sorcerer named the Mandarin. He has also negotiated several peace agreements between Asian gangs.

He takes his role as a monster seriously. He is the respected Elder children fear. He is a boogie man for parents to use, and who they themselves fear getting a summons from. He fills a similar role within the Lancea Sanctum. He is the authoritarian father figure who will guide new kindred gently at first, but whose ire they don’t want to earn.

Bishop Lau

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