Bishop Grey

The Warrior Monk


A well built man who appears to be in his mid thirties. He dresses in plain clothes, generally in a business casual style. He has the long, unsettling, stare of someone whose seen combat. He also has the faint odor of wet earth around him.


A monk and missionary during the 18th century, Bishop Francis Grey experienced the American Frontier first hand. He arrived in New York during the early 18th century, and the rumor is that came to eliminate an active circle cult. He was in and out of the city over the next hundred years working as a Paladin for the Covenant. He eventually settled down in 1923, and he acted as Sheriff for much of the next 50 years. He retreated in 1973 for personal study, and he remerged a Bishop around when Alexander Durant came to power.

He is a fundamentalist. He believe that Kindred are individuals punished by God for their sins. He believes the role of Kindred is to be the predator. He lacks the social acumen a lot of Bishops have, but he makes up for it by teaching new ones to hunt. He teaches new ones to make others afraid, and his masses are call back to a darker period within the Catholic Church.

Bishop Grey

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