Streets of Blood and Steel

The Midnight Club

The First Game

You are all scheduled to meet shortly after sunrise on Sunday at the Midnight Club in the Athena room. The Turk called a meeting due to a member of The Union who the Corterie failed to eliminate entered town. His name is not known. When the corterie first addressed the the issue of Hunters, most of the people they encountered were amateurs who proved dangerous. This man was anything but an amateur. The corterie stopped looking when the man was caught leaving on video

Each character found out from their respective attendants about the murder of Gary Singh. He was murdered at approximately 5:00 AM three blocks from his home on his cool down walk. He was dumped in a sewer right off the subway line by a man who was supposedly wearing Gore’s colors and patch. The detective, Martina Liu is an honest and dedicated cop that Kiernnan McManus feeds information to sometimes.

The meeting was scheduled for shortly after sunfall due to other engagements the characters had already scheduled, and because they were under the impression it would be short. Then Gary was murdered.

Highlights & Facts

  • The Midnight Club is owned by Athena, a low ranked Circle of the Crone who inherited it. It is an Elysium used by those with Influence in the city.
  • The Professional: what is known is that he was a Union Hunter who escaped the coterie 3 years ago. 6 feet tall, green eyes, 40s. Unfortunately no one knows his name. In the 90s he was an Ordo Dracul ghoul. He’s careful and knows too much. He is back.
  • The Turk’s contacts in transportation picked up his entrance via Newark, New Jersey (Giovanni territory) 3 days ago. He also acquire a large amount of bomb making materials. Luckily no major social events are coming up.
  • Gary Singh was a developer for Blake’s company.
  • Before hsi death Singh hacked the Ordo Dracul’s computers and uncovered one of their secrets.
  • Gore’s people are under investigation for the crime. Evidence linking them was found near the crime scene. A blue and white rope was also found at the crime scene. This meant something to Gore.
  • The Turk suspects the murder and the Professional’s return are connected.
  • A Dragon named Jerry (Dying of the Light) is also missing.
  • Kiernnan McManus made an appearance. He is sincere that he had nothing to do with Gore’s troubles. He obviously enjoys pulling Gaore’s men in though. And he knows Gore wasn’t involved.


  • The Turk will search the hunter’s earlier haunts.
  • Gore will search as well.
  • Blake will investigate Singh to learn what he was up to.
  • the Rat-King will look for Jerry or the bomb.


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