Streets of Blood and Steel

12/21/2014 - 1/3/2015

The Trump Card

Christmas is here. The city is blanketed by thick snow. The humans… and Kindred of the City are unphased. The humans bustle on with their daily lives, blissfully unaware of those who cover their faces not from the cold but to hide their lack of breath.

The Prince announces that a second group of kindred would be dedicated to the tracking and capture of the Professional. He names Jacob Madison and Tarma, both members of the Ordo Dracul, as members of the team. In addition, he selects three, virtually unknown to you, unaligned Kindred.

  • Kareem, a talented martial artist of Middle Eastern Background. Mekhet.
  • Milk, a charismatic undead call girl. Daeva.
  • Shino, a quiet, well read woman of Japanese descent. Nosferatu.

The Turk finds the Prince’s actions fan the flames that threaten to consume him. Around him, in the halls of the Midnight Club, he hears whispers. Of those in the Corterie, the danger the professional seems to pose is most acute for him. The one thing that is in his favor is that neither Madison or Tarma seems comfortable with their new mission.

All of Gore’s men are legally cleared of involvement with the Gary Singh case except for Gregor, and the police have accepted that Gregor was not acting on the gangs behalf. The city whispers that Gore hunts for him each night himself, and there is renewed fear of the violent gang leader amongst the unaligned Corteries in the city.

The city’s neonates are in a flurry over the rumors surrounding the Rat King. He has done many of them favors. The rumors, though are terrifying, and they are amplified by his mysterious origins and personhood.

Then there is Blake, an Invictus on the rise. A man of the future. People know he met Lenore, but they don’t know what about. They know the Sheriff has met with him several times, but they have yet to see it lead to anything. They wait to see what the man in the tower will make happen.

Highlights & Facts

  • The Rat-King sets up a meet with the Professional under a pseudonym.
  • The Rat-King call the coterie to The Broken Wagon.
  • The Rat-King recruits the rest of the coterie to help. The Rat-King’s agent Bristol Walker, plays the “hunter” contact. The Turk is the assassin and strikes once the meet is over. Gore’s men provide backup should he exit the mall.
  • The coterie is overheard by the new team (above)
  • Jacob Madison attends the meet but is unable to interfere.
  • Bristol collects intel on the the Professionals views of the coterie. She then warns him and leaves.
  • The Turk kills the Professional in broad daylight and in the presence of mortals. He ends up on youtube, chopping off his head while on fire.
  • Birds eat the Professional’s corpse and steal his phone.
  • The Prince meets the coterie but lays most of the blame on the Turk. Surprisingly he allows him to live with minimal fallout for now.

Clean Up plan

  • Tilt public opinion to Islamic terrorism via comment field in youtube videos.
  • Doctor crime scene to spoof the fire incident.
  • Turk will provide body double to die in his place.


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