Streets of Blood and Steel

12/07/2014 to 12/20/2014

Christmas time

Christmas nears. It will be a white Christmas by all accounts. The city is blanketed in a thick layer of snow. Mortals, feeling the chill, have retreated to the warmth of house and home. Bars are packed, but the streets are empty compared to the usual bustle of city life. Rumors continue to spread in kindred society even as mortal attention cools following Gary’s death. The narrative surrounding Gary’s murder is solidifying.

The Turk is covering up the truth of Gary’s death, because one of his own ghouls has joined the hunters. They have information now. Thanks to Gary they are armed with the secret locations of Havens, and the secrets of the old and powerful. Thanks to Gary, they know what makes the society tick and how to take it down. Thanks to the Turk’s ghoul, the hunters have that information too.

Blake Bradford knew nothing. The breach in his organization was unpreventable. He is the wizard of the tower, and if it weren’t for him we wouldn’t know what Gary had found. If it weren’t for him, we wouldn’t know what is out there. That is what the Invictus are saying at least.

Gore’s men are almost all out jail. The police are keeping a close eye on them, and this is making it hard for them to defend their mortal territory. A few of his men cycle in and out of jail over the next couple weeks. Assault, noise complaints and at least one drug bust. Overall though the gang is back together, and it is doing well.

The Rat King is scarce. People say it’s to avoid Blake. To hide his involvement in all this. Others say that he is tracking down the killer himself, he is ready to avenge a low kindred like Nolan Grey’s childe Jerry from those who would use him as a scapegoat for their machinations.

Now, if things haven’t been complicated enough, the Union Busters find themselves summoned before the Prince. They are left, waiting in his sitting room, as he finishes his other business.

Highlights & Facts

  • Jerry and Gregor, a member of Gore’s gang, left the city together via the bridge, heading south, possibly to Philly. Gregor sold his bike in NJ and then the trail goes cold.
  • Jerry possibly hooked up with Gregor’s girlfriend. He was alos associated with (loosely) the Red Coats, a coterie of Dragons.
  • Gregor was a Ventrue so might have been the force controlling Gary. Gregor is a little younger than Gore
  • Gary was paranoid before hsi death (he thought the NSA after him for instance). His activity spiked around 2 months ago, likely when he was influenced to hack the computers of the Ordo Dracul. By who remains an open question. He went silent for 3 days before his death.
  • The Prince is concerned about the coterie’s progress. He considers putting a second team on the case.
  • The coterie attends the Prince’s solstice party

Open Questions

  • What are Jerry’s motives?
  • What is the target of the Professional?
  • Where is the Professional?
  • Who killed Singh?
  • Who mind controlled Singh?


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