Streets of Blood and Steel

11/22/2014 - 12/06/2014

The Death of Gary Singh continues.

The Death of Gary Singh has placed a strain on the relationships between “The Union Busters”. In the halls of the Midnight Club, in the vampire Zine “Steak in My Heart” and even in the walls of the “Broken Wagon” there are rumors surrounding the Coterie.

  • The Turk had Gary murdered, and he framed his friends to protect an Ordo secret.
  • The Rat King did it to destabilize those who know him best to protect his identity.
  • Gore did it or Gore’s men did it, because murder is a part of who they are.
  • Blake himself did it. He wanted press for Romulus, and he needed to make an example of someone.

The reasons behind their guilt vary from the reasonable to the insane. Sometimes they are all complicit, and other times Blake is held up as a good man under attack. The rumors were simple at first. A simple “oh I wonder what will happen…” but over the two weeks they have taken a life of their own.

Blake makes the national news for few days. He gives extended leave to most of his employee the week of Thanksgiving. Several other competitors respond in kind. He gains some prestige in tech nerd circle. His also receives a visit from the Sheriff, and the Sheriff publicly disputes rumors that Blake himself is guilty.

The Rat King’s minions are legion. Neonates whisper about the number of rats, birds and other vermin spreading out across the crime scene and the surrounding area. There are rumors of the Rat King roaming the streets at night, observing the Cacophony. Everyone wants it to be him. They want a reason to hate them, and for most the suspicion alone is enough. No matter what he does to help the neonates, the mystery of his identity plagues him.

The Ordo Dracul is in disaray. Everyone thought the secretive order had their shit together, but now there is finger pointing, whispers of dissent. Rumors abound about what the Turk spoke about with Nolan Grey, and the sudden disappearance of Nolan’s childe. People say the Turk is back on the hunt.

Gore had a bad few weeks. Despite the rumors to the contrary, most kindred would bet that Gore’s men are behind this. They don’t necessarily attribute it to Gore, but that almost makes matters worse. On one hand, Gore failed to lead his men. On the other hand, he was making moves against his own Corterie. Most of his men are out, and some were seen throwing their weight around town. Ham handed attempts to gain influence have led to rumors of a new revolution, inside Gore’s own Gang.

One other thing is clear, these events have drawn attention from the Prince and other more alien parties, and even if the killer is found the fallout is not over.


salientmind derendel

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