Streets of Blood and Steel

1/4/15 - 1/18/2015

What is next?

A letter sealed with red wax arrives by Herald. Every Kindred, in every Burro and some beyond received one. The heralds whispered in Kindred ears, and they passed messages to one another.

  • The general consensus is the Turk is doomed.
  • The video is pretty much anyone has spoken about the last two weeks.

Highlights & Facts


  • Earlier in the night, we discuss the need to work together to remake the city. Turk is reluctant.
  • A fire pit dominates the stage with a glass coffin in it. The primogen and the prince wait on stage.
  • Lots of Neonates attend the meeting though they stay (mainly in the balconies and back. The Ordo Dracul occupies the front rows.
  • The fate of the Turk is determined.
  • The neonates express their frustration that he gets special treatment and “Bad Ricky” makes an appearance to bring up the Turk’s earlier murders.
  • Madison offers that the entire Ordo Dracul gives a pound of flesh to save the Turk.
  • The Rat-King also suggests a less than lethal sentance on the grounds that no one, even neonates, should be destroyed out of turn.
  • Gore calls the Turk a hero and comments they should be throwing him a parade.
  • Lucius calls for imprisonment and berates Gore for his statement.
  • The Primogen weigh in.
    • John King: stake him and stash him.
    • Gertrude Minuit: go with tradition: Final Death.
    • Kiernnan McManus
    • Lenore: was going withtraditional punishment but is swayed by the arguments of others. She espouses that they spare him but put him in torpor.
  • The Prince decides to take Madison on his offer. All are branded with a hot poker by the Turk himself and then Madison burns the Turk as well.
  • After the meeting the Turk and Gore discover Ricky was present and try to ind him. He is long gone.


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