Streets of Blood and Steel

The Fire Burns Bright
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  • Next game March 13th
The spark that lit the Fire
1/19/2015 - 2/1/2015

One of your own violated the Masquerade. The Cacophony is alive with rumors.

  • Steak in My Heart is published, and it tells of the Prince’s grave disappointment that not one member of the Order frenzied. He points out that they had every right to. He also regrets not branding the Turk’s face. Whether he really said any of this is hotly debated.
  • A video is posted to an obscure website without explanation. It shows one of the blood drainers burning up with the rise of the morning sun on top of his haven. The man, Greg, wasn’t a bad guy. The video is hard to watch. He screams a lot. It made its way through a vampire listserv.
  • Word around the Broken Wagon is that someone is organizing the Unaligned and it isn’t the Prince.
  • Donny, an Unaligned Mekhet, has gone missing. Word has it that O’Connor doesn’t even give a shit. He hasn’t done a single thing to look into it.


After some unstructured conversation between Blake, Gore, and the Rat-King several important threads emerged:

  • The Movement: Gore was brought up to speed on recent events and sounded out about joining blake and the Rat-King’s project. He seemed enthusiatic but pointed out the potential dangers involved. Convinced we would stick with it once things became dangerous, he agreed to help lead a meetin with the Carthians.
  • Greg’s Death: Gore denied responsibility. No one is sure who is responsible or if it even was caused by a vampire.
  • Donny’s disappearance: The Rat-King suggests covering it in a zine he is working on. Blake however considers O’Connor alright. The gathering agrees that Blake will see if the rumors of Rory’s indifference are true before acting against him.
  • The Future: Blake and Gore discuss the threat of ubiquitous surviellance to vampire kind.
  • The Professional: Blake looked at the Professional’s phone and discovered the other end of Gary’s hacking project. It seems Gary was sending the fruits of his research to the hunter. The Professional spent a lot of time in Blue Point, likely where he lived and at the Brooklyn Public Library, the same place Jerry spent time. The pieces fall into place for the Rat-King. Jerry was recruited by the Philadelphians who bear a grudge against the Turk. Jerry in turn used Gary, possibly with Gregor’s help, to gather sensitive information on assets and secrets connected to the Turk. This would be fed to the Professional who in turn would bring the Turk down, politically at least. Gary became erratic, the Professional perhaps slipped his leash and Jerry bugged out. The bomb material however remains missing though without the Professional that plan is in disarray.
  • Guido Falco: The gathering admits not much has been learned about him except he seems connected to the supernatural somehow.

h3, The Carthian Meeting

The Rat-King provided the venue, a disused and decaying governmental building. After greeting all the attendees at the door, the coterie addressed the crowd of two dozen Kindred. Notable members include Doctor Lionel Graham, Samuel Radin, and Colton Reigns.

Gore gives the opening speech. Despite being well contructed, many in the audience remain on the fence. Doctor Lionel Graham pointed out that the coterie had seemed to staked anything of their own on this project. Gore is a nomad and the Rat-King hides behind magic.

The Rat-King rose to the challenge and convinced him and his faction to stay if the mystious Kindred revealed his true appearance. Apparantly the Rat-King is a short blond haired woman with scarred cloudy eyes and other signs of pre-mortum physical abuse.

Molified the conversation began in earnest.

Topics of Note:

  • A written code for punishment is favored by many though some argue for mandatory maximums over mandatory minimums.
  • Larger communal feeding grounds is espoused by Colton.
  • Lionel said that leaders should lead, preparing our kind for the changes ahead. Forward thinking leaders, such as Lenore, are needed
  • Gore discussed our fears. Lionel brought up how neonates sometimes vanish. Something, perhaps the Prince, is hunting us. Radin wonders whether it is even possible to change the system.
  • Colton reveals Greg’s death was not his doing. He also agrees to the idea of giving up some freedoms for more safety. He even shakes hands with Gore.
  • Clan based leadership continues to gain traction.
  • The Rat-King outlines a potential the division of leadership: Judicial, Executive (Prince, Sheriff, Hounds) and Legislative (Primogen or something of that sort)

The meeting ends well with initial copies of a zine dedicated to creating a city charter handed out at the door: the Night Papers.

1/4/15 - 1/18/2015
What is next?

A letter sealed with red wax arrives by Herald. Every Kindred, in every Burro and some beyond received one. The heralds whispered in Kindred ears, and they passed messages to one another.

  • The general consensus is the Turk is doomed.
  • The video is pretty much anyone has spoken about the last two weeks.

Highlights & Facts


  • Earlier in the night, we discuss the need to work together to remake the city. Turk is reluctant.
  • A fire pit dominates the stage with a glass coffin in it. The primogen and the prince wait on stage.
  • Lots of Neonates attend the meeting though they stay (mainly in the balconies and back. The Ordo Dracul occupies the front rows.
  • The fate of the Turk is determined.
  • The neonates express their frustration that he gets special treatment and “Bad Ricky” makes an appearance to bring up the Turk’s earlier murders.
  • Madison offers that the entire Ordo Dracul gives a pound of flesh to save the Turk.
  • The Rat-King also suggests a less than lethal sentance on the grounds that no one, even neonates, should be destroyed out of turn.
  • Gore calls the Turk a hero and comments they should be throwing him a parade.
  • Lucius calls for imprisonment and berates Gore for his statement.
  • The Primogen weigh in.
    • John King: stake him and stash him.
    • Gertrude Minuit: go with tradition: Final Death.
    • Kiernnan McManus
    • Lenore: was going withtraditional punishment but is swayed by the arguments of others. She espouses that they spare him but put him in torpor.
  • The Prince decides to take Madison on his offer. All are branded with a hot poker by the Turk himself and then Madison burns the Turk as well.
  • After the meeting the Turk and Gore discover Ricky was present and try to ind him. He is long gone.
12/21/2014 - 1/3/2015
The Trump Card

Christmas is here. The city is blanketed by thick snow. The humans… and Kindred of the City are unphased. The humans bustle on with their daily lives, blissfully unaware of those who cover their faces not from the cold but to hide their lack of breath.

The Prince announces that a second group of kindred would be dedicated to the tracking and capture of the Professional. He names Jacob Madison and Tarma, both members of the Ordo Dracul, as members of the team. In addition, he selects three, virtually unknown to you, unaligned Kindred.

  • Kareem, a talented martial artist of Middle Eastern Background. Mekhet.
  • Milk, a charismatic undead call girl. Daeva.
  • Shino, a quiet, well read woman of Japanese descent. Nosferatu.

The Turk finds the Prince’s actions fan the flames that threaten to consume him. Around him, in the halls of the Midnight Club, he hears whispers. Of those in the Corterie, the danger the professional seems to pose is most acute for him. The one thing that is in his favor is that neither Madison or Tarma seems comfortable with their new mission.

All of Gore’s men are legally cleared of involvement with the Gary Singh case except for Gregor, and the police have accepted that Gregor was not acting on the gangs behalf. The city whispers that Gore hunts for him each night himself, and there is renewed fear of the violent gang leader amongst the unaligned Corteries in the city.

The city’s neonates are in a flurry over the rumors surrounding the Rat King. He has done many of them favors. The rumors, though are terrifying, and they are amplified by his mysterious origins and personhood.

Then there is Blake, an Invictus on the rise. A man of the future. People know he met Lenore, but they don’t know what about. They know the Sheriff has met with him several times, but they have yet to see it lead to anything. They wait to see what the man in the tower will make happen.

Highlights & Facts

  • The Rat-King sets up a meet with the Professional under a pseudonym.
  • The Rat-King call the coterie to The Broken Wagon.
  • The Rat-King recruits the rest of the coterie to help. The Rat-King’s agent Bristol Walker, plays the “hunter” contact. The Turk is the assassin and strikes once the meet is over. Gore’s men provide backup should he exit the mall.
  • The coterie is overheard by the new team (above)
  • Jacob Madison attends the meet but is unable to interfere.
  • Bristol collects intel on the the Professionals views of the coterie. She then warns him and leaves.
  • The Turk kills the Professional in broad daylight and in the presence of mortals. He ends up on youtube, chopping off his head while on fire.
  • Birds eat the Professional’s corpse and steal his phone.
  • The Prince meets the coterie but lays most of the blame on the Turk. Surprisingly he allows him to live with minimal fallout for now.

Clean Up plan

  • Tilt public opinion to Islamic terrorism via comment field in youtube videos.
  • Doctor crime scene to spoof the fire incident.
  • Turk will provide body double to die in his place.
12/07/2014 to 12/20/2014
Christmas time

Christmas nears. It will be a white Christmas by all accounts. The city is blanketed in a thick layer of snow. Mortals, feeling the chill, have retreated to the warmth of house and home. Bars are packed, but the streets are empty compared to the usual bustle of city life. Rumors continue to spread in kindred society even as mortal attention cools following Gary’s death. The narrative surrounding Gary’s murder is solidifying.

The Turk is covering up the truth of Gary’s death, because one of his own ghouls has joined the hunters. They have information now. Thanks to Gary they are armed with the secret locations of Havens, and the secrets of the old and powerful. Thanks to Gary, they know what makes the society tick and how to take it down. Thanks to the Turk’s ghoul, the hunters have that information too.

Blake Bradford knew nothing. The breach in his organization was unpreventable. He is the wizard of the tower, and if it weren’t for him we wouldn’t know what Gary had found. If it weren’t for him, we wouldn’t know what is out there. That is what the Invictus are saying at least.

Gore’s men are almost all out jail. The police are keeping a close eye on them, and this is making it hard for them to defend their mortal territory. A few of his men cycle in and out of jail over the next couple weeks. Assault, noise complaints and at least one drug bust. Overall though the gang is back together, and it is doing well.

The Rat King is scarce. People say it’s to avoid Blake. To hide his involvement in all this. Others say that he is tracking down the killer himself, he is ready to avenge a low kindred like Nolan Grey’s childe Jerry from those who would use him as a scapegoat for their machinations.

Now, if things haven’t been complicated enough, the Union Busters find themselves summoned before the Prince. They are left, waiting in his sitting room, as he finishes his other business.

Highlights & Facts

  • Jerry and Gregor, a member of Gore’s gang, left the city together via the bridge, heading south, possibly to Philly. Gregor sold his bike in NJ and then the trail goes cold.
  • Jerry possibly hooked up with Gregor’s girlfriend. He was alos associated with (loosely) the Red Coats, a coterie of Dragons.
  • Gregor was a Ventrue so might have been the force controlling Gary. Gregor is a little younger than Gore
  • Gary was paranoid before hsi death (he thought the NSA after him for instance). His activity spiked around 2 months ago, likely when he was influenced to hack the computers of the Ordo Dracul. By who remains an open question. He went silent for 3 days before his death.
  • The Prince is concerned about the coterie’s progress. He considers putting a second team on the case.
  • The coterie attends the Prince’s solstice party

Open Questions

  • What are Jerry’s motives?
  • What is the target of the Professional?
  • Where is the Professional?
  • Who killed Singh?
  • Who mind controlled Singh?
11/22/2014 - 12/06/2014
The Death of Gary Singh continues.

The Death of Gary Singh has placed a strain on the relationships between “The Union Busters”. In the halls of the Midnight Club, in the vampire Zine “Steak in My Heart” and even in the walls of the “Broken Wagon” there are rumors surrounding the Coterie.

  • The Turk had Gary murdered, and he framed his friends to protect an Ordo secret.
  • The Rat King did it to destabilize those who know him best to protect his identity.
  • Gore did it or Gore’s men did it, because murder is a part of who they are.
  • Blake himself did it. He wanted press for Romulus, and he needed to make an example of someone.

The reasons behind their guilt vary from the reasonable to the insane. Sometimes they are all complicit, and other times Blake is held up as a good man under attack. The rumors were simple at first. A simple “oh I wonder what will happen…” but over the two weeks they have taken a life of their own.

Blake makes the national news for few days. He gives extended leave to most of his employee the week of Thanksgiving. Several other competitors respond in kind. He gains some prestige in tech nerd circle. His also receives a visit from the Sheriff, and the Sheriff publicly disputes rumors that Blake himself is guilty.

The Rat King’s minions are legion. Neonates whisper about the number of rats, birds and other vermin spreading out across the crime scene and the surrounding area. There are rumors of the Rat King roaming the streets at night, observing the Cacophony. Everyone wants it to be him. They want a reason to hate them, and for most the suspicion alone is enough. No matter what he does to help the neonates, the mystery of his identity plagues him.

The Ordo Dracul is in disaray. Everyone thought the secretive order had their shit together, but now there is finger pointing, whispers of dissent. Rumors abound about what the Turk spoke about with Nolan Grey, and the sudden disappearance of Nolan’s childe. People say the Turk is back on the hunt.

Gore had a bad few weeks. Despite the rumors to the contrary, most kindred would bet that Gore’s men are behind this. They don’t necessarily attribute it to Gore, but that almost makes matters worse. On one hand, Gore failed to lead his men. On the other hand, he was making moves against his own Corterie. Most of his men are out, and some were seen throwing their weight around town. Ham handed attempts to gain influence have led to rumors of a new revolution, inside Gore’s own Gang.

One other thing is clear, these events have drawn attention from the Prince and other more alien parties, and even if the killer is found the fallout is not over.

The Midnight Club
The First Game

You are all scheduled to meet shortly after sunrise on Sunday at the Midnight Club in the Athena room. The Turk called a meeting due to a member of The Union who the Corterie failed to eliminate entered town. His name is not known. When the corterie first addressed the the issue of Hunters, most of the people they encountered were amateurs who proved dangerous. This man was anything but an amateur. The corterie stopped looking when the man was caught leaving on video

Each character found out from their respective attendants about the murder of Gary Singh. He was murdered at approximately 5:00 AM three blocks from his home on his cool down walk. He was dumped in a sewer right off the subway line by a man who was supposedly wearing Gore’s colors and patch. The detective, Martina Liu is an honest and dedicated cop that Kiernnan McManus feeds information to sometimes.

The meeting was scheduled for shortly after sunfall due to other engagements the characters had already scheduled, and because they were under the impression it would be short. Then Gary was murdered.

Highlights & Facts

  • The Midnight Club is owned by Athena, a low ranked Circle of the Crone who inherited it. It is an Elysium used by those with Influence in the city.
  • The Professional: what is known is that he was a Union Hunter who escaped the coterie 3 years ago. 6 feet tall, green eyes, 40s. Unfortunately no one knows his name. In the 90s he was an Ordo Dracul ghoul. He’s careful and knows too much. He is back.
  • The Turk’s contacts in transportation picked up his entrance via Newark, New Jersey (Giovanni territory) 3 days ago. He also acquire a large amount of bomb making materials. Luckily no major social events are coming up.
  • Gary Singh was a developer for Blake’s company.
  • Before hsi death Singh hacked the Ordo Dracul’s computers and uncovered one of their secrets.
  • Gore’s people are under investigation for the crime. Evidence linking them was found near the crime scene. A blue and white rope was also found at the crime scene. This meant something to Gore.
  • The Turk suspects the murder and the Professional’s return are connected.
  • A Dragon named Jerry (Dying of the Light) is also missing.
  • Kiernnan McManus made an appearance. He is sincere that he had nothing to do with Gore’s troubles. He obviously enjoys pulling Gaore’s men in though. And he knows Gore wasn’t involved.


  • The Turk will search the hunter’s earlier haunts.
  • Gore will search as well.
  • Blake will investigate Singh to learn what he was up to.
  • the Rat-King will look for Jerry or the bomb.

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